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AS OF JULY 08, 2019



As State Trustee for Jamaica Lodge 81, It is my duty to attend meetings of the State Board and keep the membership of the Lodge informed of matters of concern. In keeping with this mandate, I would like to pass along the following FOP matters that have come to my attention: 

On Thursday, June 27, 2019, I attended the monthy State Board meeting at the NYS FOP Headquarters in Hicksville. Several issues were discussed. 



  • FOP Plates Program: None
  • Good of the Lodge: As NY State has banned any insurance company to supply liability insurance for firearm carrying, the NYS FOP is vetting CCWC to provide a "service" to our members in case of a shooting. The amount per year is expected to be in the $135 range. Further information will be given if an agreement can be reached.
  • NYS FOP: Every Lodge President was sent via regular mail, a letter of recommendation to help decide who the State lodge wanted to endorse for the position ofnational  FOP President. (Chuck Canterburry is stepping down). The NYS FOP tallied those votes and is endorsing Patrick Yoes. If your Lodge is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year, Please let Mike Nied (NY National Trustee) know, so that the National Lodge can issue a special certificate.  
  • The FOP Legislative Committee: NO Lodge can make a political endorsement. All recommendations will go through our Legislative Committee and the final call will be made by our lobbist Bob Unger. Under the NY "Safe Act", members were reminded that a Health Professional is able to pull your firearm.
  • Charity Committee: None
  • Survivor's Aide: None 
  • State FOP Foundation: Handouts (see on State Website), July 13, 2019 Annual Family Day at Six Flags Great Adventure, September 14, 2019, NYS FOP 5th Annual Cigar Night, $110pp, November 3, 2019, FOP Lodge 188, 35th Annual Brunch (Bear Mountain Inn) $50pp, Jack Daniels Offer, Check for Flyer
  • National Memorial: None  
  • NYS Empire State Police Officer Memorial: Lodge 81 was mentioned in a Thank You for our $100 donation for the May Memorial at Headquarters. Expenses for the memorial were $9,500, there was a deficit of $2,000. 
  • National FOP: The 64th National Conference will be August 12-15. New York is voting in the 42nd position. If you have NOT received the packet and plan to send delegates, contact National at 1-800-451-2711. The Guidebook in PDF format will be out by the end of July to those lodges that are sending delegates to the conference.
  • Chairrman of the Trustees: None
  • National Trustees Report: Immediate Past President, Charlie Caputo, was nominated and accepted the nomination to run for the office of National Trustee. The two (2) candidates are Michael Nied and Charlie Caputo, voting for this position will be at the convention in August. If any member needs assistance or guidance with any travel plans to other FOP states, reach out to Mike Nied and he will do his best to contact his fellow National Trustees to assist you. New York receives numerouse requests for similar assistance from many other states and we have been successful in assisting those brothers and sisters. Please don't hesitate to send me an email at or text/call @ (631) 383-1310.
  • State FOP Scholarship Committee: Scholarship Fund will be on the State website and can be downloaded. Must be a member's child. For each scholarship per lodge, a donation of $250 from the lodge and the State will match the $250. Requirments will be on the State website.
  • Treasurers Report: Sterling Bank, PAC, Investments and Long Term Liability were on report. 
  • NYS Conference: None
  • Guest Speaker: None
  • Next State Trustee's Meeting: Wednesday, October 16, 2019.   


The State also wanted to remind members about the Copyright of the FOP logo. If you make anything with the FOP logo you must obtain permission.


The State will be conducting audits of the lodge paperwork. One of the main issues they will be checking is to see if the member has submitted a copy of his or her law enforcement ID active or retired. This has become an issue with the insurance company that holds the AD & D life insurance policy for the FOP. If a member has passed away and a claim is filed for the insurance the lodge must produce a copy of the members signed application as well as a copy of his or her active or retired photo ID. If the lodge does not have this the claim will be turned down. So if the member has not yet submitted a copy of his or her ID please do so at once. If you are an associate member you must submit a copy of your drivers license.


Remember to always check the State Lodge website at and Lodge 81 website at for additional information about any upcoming events, meetings dates etc. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Sonny Maxon

State Trustee Lodge 81


On a Personal Note: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year


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