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AS OF MARCH 05, 2022



As State Trustee for Jamaica Lodge 81, It is my duty to attend meetings of the State Board and keep the membership of the Lodge informed of matters of concern. In keeping with this mandate, I would like to pass along the following FOP matters that have come to my attention: 

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, I attended the monthy State Board meeting at the NYS FOP Headquarters in Hicksville. Several issues were discussed. 



  • FOP Plates Program: The License Plate Program is going strong
  • Good of the Lodge: There is a new benefit offered for refinancing student loan debt. Go to: Is your Lodge celebrating a milestone anniversary this year? Please let me, Mike Nied know as far in advance as possible via an email, so that I may request the National Lodge issue a specail certificate to be sent to you to commemorate the occasion.
  • NYS FOP President's Report: President, Mike Essig spoke about members of the executive board attending the Labor Coalition meeting in January. He also announced that the Badge Magazine will be coming out on digital. 
  • The FOP Legislative Committee: Under the NY "Safe Act", members were reminded that a Health Professional is able to pull your firearm.
  • Charity Committee: None
  • Rev. Marcos asked for a special moment of silence for our Lodge 81 member, Sgt. At arms, Steve Allgoir
  • Zone Presidents: Gave their reports.
  • N.Y.S. FOP Disaster Assistance Reponse Team: None
  • Secretary's Report: Secretary, Lauren Holz, stated that compliance was the biggest issue and urged All Lodges to contact their Zone Presidents for assistance. Income Tax forms MUST be filed with the IRS.
  • Survivor's Aide: State Secretary, Lauren Holz read the names of twelve (12) FOP Active members who passed away and asked for a motion to approve a payment of $250 for each member. Motion was unanimously approved. Lodges must submit a list of members over the age of 62 (For survivors aide purposes) to make sure there is (NO break in service). 
  • State FOP Foundation: None
  • National Memorial: None 
  • NYS Empire State Police Officer Memorial: Our State FOP Memorial will be held on May 7, 2022. We have thirty-nine (39) names and counting to be added to the wall. All Lodges were asked to donate to help cover the cost. 
  • National FOP: The National FOP continues to offer benefits for the membership to avail themselves of. They are listed on the National FOP website at
  • National FOP Covid-19 Information: The FOP continues to maintain a dedicated website,, with updates on relevant news for our members. 
  • Chairrman of the Trustees: None
  • National Trustees Report: Mike Nied read the National Trustee report. He announced that Police Week will be held this May and over five hundred (500) names will be added to the wall. National has started a podcast titled "Blue View". Please don't hesitate to send me an email at or text/call @ (631) 383-1310. For a complete current PDF "National Trustee Report" from NY Trustee, Mike Nied, go to DOWNLOADS/FORMS on this website.
  • State FOP Scholarship Committee: You can also download the 2022 Scholarship Form here: Go to DOWNLOADS/FORMS on this website.
  • Treasurers Report: Treasurer, Tom O'Brien spoke about the State Conference to be held in Albany, NY on October 9-11, 2022. Location has not been decided as of today. Treasurers report was read and approved. 
  • NYS Conference: This years conference will be held in Albany, NY on October 9-11, 2022. Location has not been decided as of yet. 
  • National FOP Conference: National Trustee, Mike Nied stated that there were four (4) amendments passed at the National Convention. He asked that a motion be made to accept the amendments as submitted. Motion was approved. The 2023 convention will be held in Las Vegas, NV and 2025 will be held in Miami, FL.
  • Guest Speaker: None
  • Next State Trustee's Meeting: April TBD, June 16th, September 6th (PreConference)   


The State also wanted to remind members about the Copyright of the FOP logo. If you make anything with the FOP logo you must obtain permission.


The State will be conducting audits of the lodge paperwork. One of the main issues they will be checking is to see if the member has submitted a copy of his or her law enforcement ID active or retired. This has become an issue with the insurance company that holds the AD & D life insurance policy for the FOP. If a member has passed away and a claim is filed for the insurance the lodge must produce a copy of the members signed application as well as a copy of his or her active or retired photo ID. If the lodge does not have this the claim will be turned down. So if the member has not yet submitted a copy of his or her ID please do so at once. If you are an associate member you must submit a copy of your drivers license.


Remember to always check the State Lodge website at and Lodge 81 website at for additional information about any upcoming events, meetings dates etc. 


Respectfully Submitted,

Sonny Maxon

State Trustee Lodge 81



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